Project Development

Recognizing the complexities of the energy sector, our team is skilled at integrating multiple disciplines to achieve successful development. From site selection to power purchase agreements, PEV has demonstrated experience in all aspects of energy development and project coordination.

Regulatory Coordination

Regulatory coordination is one of the most significant challenges facing emerging energy industries. PEV is proficient in managing all aspects of regulatory licensing and compliance for local, state, and federal permitting.

Project Finance

Innovative project finance is critical for early stage development and commercialization of new technologies. PEV is experienced in acquiring State and Federal tax incentives and working with conventional financial institutions on long-term project finance. PEV has successfully secured public funds outside conventional programs to help leverage private investment.

Public Relations

Strategic communications are key to a successful project. PEV specializes in strategic planning, policy positions, federal affairs communications (including Congressional reports, letters and white papers), public outreach, and website development.

Stakeholder Engagement

One of the most important public outreach functions that we perform is stakeholder relations, which involves coordinating and facilitating stakeholder meetings to build consensus and support for project development. Our team works directly with technology developers, utilities, state and federal resource agencies, environmental groups, members of commercial crabbing and fishing fleets, and recreational groups to identify and resolve issues related to project development.

Utility Integration

Overcoming near-term technical challenges and long-term planning and policy development is vital to project development. Our team works with regional utilities and regulatory bodies to identify integration issues and placement of new energy projects into the national utility grid.

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