Pacific Energy Ventures (PEV) focuses on early stage technology projects in the renewable energy industry, including ocean, tidal, wind, solar, and biomass.


Regulatory & Policy Coordination

PEV is working with both the U.S. Department of Energy and the Oregon Wave Energy Trust to develop effective State and Federal Regulatory Protocols for emerging hydrokinetic technologies. These multi-year projects involve coordinating technology developers, utilities, resource agencies, local governments, elected officials, tribal governments, existing ocean users, and environmental organizations.

Wave Energy

Representing multiple wave energy projects in the U.S., PEV is responsible for many aspects of project development, including managing local, State and Federal license applications and leases, engaging stakeholders, and facilitating multi-party settlement agreements.

Tidal Energy

PEV has been selected to develop strategic alliances with stakeholders and facilitate consensus driven results throughout the state of Washington for a utility-scale tidal project. PEV is applying the knowledge and experience it has gained in Oregon to establish broad based support for and commercialization of tidal energy in Washington.

Utility Integration

PEV is working with Northwest utilities to identify challenges and opportunities to integrate new renewable energy resources into the national transmission system. This work includes overcoming near-term technical challenges and long-term planning and policy development.

National Marine Renewable Energy Center

In cooperation with Oregon State University and the University of Washington, PEV assisted in securing Federal funding for the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. PEV will continue to serve as a liaison with industry and academia in identifying applied research priorities and opportunities.

Northwest Biomass Project

PEV is evaluating opportunities in the Northwest for biomass energy projects that integrate long-term sustainable forest practices with renewable electricity generation. PEV’s role includes site identification, development, permitting, and project finance.


In 2011, we began implementing a comprehensive R&D program that integrates activities in the U.S. with completed and ongoing work in New Zealand to advance the Wave Energy Technology New Zealand (WET-NZ) from early-stage testing and development to commercialization. Learn More at
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