Steven R. Kopf, Partner

With twenty years of business development experience in the energy and transportation sectors, Mr. Kopf has a proven track record of leading early-stage technologies and new businesses from concept to commercialization. Kopf’s expertise lies in developing public-private partnerships to advance new concepts in emerging markets. Well-versed in government relations, Kopf is skilled at building collaborative relationships with state and federal officials. Kopf also has extensive experience in sales and marketing, including program and proposal development.

Mr. Kopf has also been active in helping to shape State and Federal legislation to accelerate the commercialization of new energy technologies, including advanced wind turbine blades and ocean energy devices. Currently, Kopf represents a leading ocean energy company in the development of one of the first commercial projects in North America. As the lead on the project, he has played a pivotal role in the early stage introduction of ocean energy to the renewable energy industry.


Justin Klure, Partner

Mr. Klure has spent the majority of his career delivering new energy technologies, policies, and projects into various markets throughout the Northwest United States. Klure served as a senior advisor with the State of Oregon for over ten years at the Department of Energy, leading the development of innovative energy policies, climate change initiatives, renewable energy projects, and technology transfer. Klure’s expertise includes wind, biomass, solar, ocean, alternative fuels, and other emerging energy technologies.

Since 2005, Mr. Klure has focused on advancing the ocean energy industry in Oregon with an emphasis on stakeholder outreach and consensus building, working directly with industry, academia, and government. He successfully established the region’s first public-private entity to develop ocean energy in Oregon, serving as Director for its first year of operation. Mr. Klure has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the energy marketplace and a proven track record in driving projects from concept to completion.


Anna Hofford, Senior Associate

With a detailed understanding of energy and natural resource policies, Ms. Hofford applies her expertise to strategic planning, regulatory analysis, and governmental affairs in the renewable energy sector. Since 2007, she has been involved in cultivating policies and practices to advance the ocean renewable energy industry. Proficient in synthesizing complex sets of information, Hofford also directs complex stakeholder relations, including collaborative development and implementation of environmental monitoring and adaptive management plans.

In these roles, Ms. Hofford coordinates with numerous state and federal agencies, environmental organizations, and industry associations to advance renewable energy development in responsible manner. Most recently, she has focused on designing and implementing regulatory strategies to streamline permitting processes in a way that balances business needs with environmental protection.


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